Windows Phone Anime Streaming Apps:Anime Hub HD

Anime Hub HD

I'm rocking a Lumia 520 and well not alot of apps that are useful for Windows Phone. Im always on the look out for Anime Streaming App and have found 2 Anime Plus and Anime Hub HD. I like Anime plus but when I stumbled upon Anime Hub HD I just ditched anime plus. Anime Hub has more viarety in anime and is updated pretty well. Only thing I would switch the settings to use the HTML5 Player to play the streaming anime more better. Streaming is smooth on wifi connection.I'm not sure how smooth it is in using Data connection though. 

So if your looking for a windows phone Anime Streaming App I suggest you support Anime Hub HD


My Top 5 Anime Series that should have a remake. What's series should be remade?

Since Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ended a few years back. I started to think of anime that are either close to finishing r ongoing enough in the manga, or finished completely to warrant a remake. So here's my List of Anime that should have a Remake.

1. Baki The Grappler(2001)
The Anime was slpit into 2 series Baki The Grappler and Grappler Baki: Maximum tournament. I loved the fighting in this series and animation was ok. What makes this anime is the fights and the characters.

2. Deadman Wonderland (2011)
A Anime about a boy who gets framed for killing his classmates and sent to the infamous theme park prison, deadman wonderland. Anime was left in a cliffhanger and since the manga ended in 2013,why not make a remake.

3. Yu Yu Haskusho(1992)
Good series,its one of those series that even though the manga was still coming it actually ended. I wish this series had a few more OAV's to go with it or maybe a new series would be awesome with a new Spirit Detective, but anime is worth the watch.

4. Flame Of Recca(1997)
I dont even want to explain how awful the English dub was!(and this is coming from someone who loves watching dubbed anime) I still love this anime, people see it as a YuYu Hakusho clone(which it basically is), but its one of those anime that leaves you in a cliffhanger and plotholes galore.

5. Mobile Suit Gundam( 1979-1980)
The anime that gave birth to many mecha anime. I still have yet to watch this series, aside from being a gundam anime fan. Gundam series usually have a balance of action,drama and political issues interwined in it. if this had updated animation I bet it will bring a whole new generation of fans. 


Neon Alley has given us anime fans Gargantia English Dubbed Streaming

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet is up on Neon Alley finally.finally. I've been waiting for this dub for a while and I plan to binge watch this. If you don't know what it is here's a little Synopsis:

In the distant future, mankind has taken to the stars and formed the Galactic Alliance of Humankind (人類銀河同盟 Jinrui Ginga Dōmei?). The Alliance is engaged in a perpetual war with a tentacled alien species known as the Hideauze (ヒディアーズ Hidiāzu?). 16-year-old Ensign Ledo is a soldier in the Galactic Alliance, piloting a Machine Caliber (マシンキャリバー Mashin Kyaribā?), an AI-automated, humanoid-shaped battle suit, which he refers to as 'Chamber'. 

 I've seen the first ep subbed when it premiered but dropped it cause I was watching other anime.I embedded the first episode dubbed. Tell me what you think of the dub. If you watched the series, what did you think of it?


Magi Anime and Manga Arc Guide

Dungeon Arc: Chapters 1-16 | Anime Episodes 1-3

Kouga Arc: Chapter 17-26 | Anime Episode 4-5

Morgiana Arc: Chapter 27-31 | Anime Episodes 6

Balbadd Arc: Chapter 32-76  | Anime Episodes 7-17

Sindria Arc: Chapter 77-87  | Anime Episodes 18-20
Note: Episode 20 finishes the Sindria Arc and falls into the Zagan Arc

Zagan Arc: Chapter 88-109 | Anime Episodes 20-25
Note:After the Zagan Arc, Second Season of the Anime Begins

Season Two

Second Sindria Arc: Chapter 110-121 | Anime Episodes 1-2

Pirates Arc:  Chapter122-134 | Anime Episodes 3-6

World Exploration Arc: Chapter 135-148 | Anime Episodes 7-12

Magnostadt Arc: Chapter 149-198 | Anime Episodes 13-25

Second Balbadd Arc: Chapter 199-214 | Anime Episodes (unknown)

Alma Torran Arc:  Chapter 215-231 | Anime Episodes(unknown)


So whats on your Manga Pull list?

My Make shift bookshelf is bare and its time to buy some manga. I have put together a pull list of the series that I want to acquire So here's my list:

Manga List

Fullmetal Alchemist Omnibus Volume 2-? (I own Volume 1 of the omnibus version and they are still being release 2 or three a year.)

Deadman Wonderland-Since this finished up recently I added onto my list of reading since the anime was left on a cliffhanger and probably wont see a season 2.

Naruto- What is it like 20+ Volumes or something more than that. I love this anime, been a fan since it debut in 2002 I believe. I've been reading it on Mangapanda.com but I want to own the manga since its something I will re-read over and over again.

Sword Art Online- I love this Light Novel,found out through watching the anime like always. The second arc of the series with the fairies wasn't all that great, but the Gun Gale Arc so far is intriguing and looks to be a masterpiece just like its light novel.

Tokyo Ghoul- I found out about this series a few weeks ago and have been watching the series. I hear that the manga is 10x better than the series, so I will add this to my pull list and hope it gets a U.S release soon.

others that are on my pull list: One Piece, BloodLad,Magi and Blue Exorcist and yes I've been watching these animes or have seen them and want to see how they differ thru the manga. So What's on your pull list?